Snooker Kick – Problem Solved!

Snooker Kick AnalysisPROBLEM –  The‘Kick’ in snooker
The ‘Kick’ is one of the great phenomena of snooker. The kick is where either the cue ball or the object ball literally jumps in the air slightly after receiving contact from the cue or the cue ball respectively. The effect is nearly always negative for the striker, as the angle on either ball is disturbed and contact is rarely clean. Many attempts have been made to explain why kicks occur, the most frequent explanations being friction from the table surface and, more commonly, a bit of dust or chalk on either ball when there is contact.

REASON for Research
To find the cause and eliminate the effect of this anomaly would enhance the game of snooker. It would produce a ‘level playing field’ for the sport and its competitors. No longer would a game be subjected to ‘spurious misses’. In this day-and-age of supposed match fixing, it would deny the offender the excuse for an obvious miss’ and limit their chances of ‘throwing a match’

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