About the Academy

Reg Denke Foundation
Reginald Denke II (The Fifth Laird of Glen Haggis) created his Foundation of Learning in 1782. The original plans for the house were based on Stratford Hall in Westmoreland County, Virginia, United States which was built by Col. Thomas Lee, Hon. (1690-1750).

Col. Thomas Lee, used bricks shipped over from England to build his house.

Reginald Denke II decided that he would build his Foundation from the bricks left over. He had them shipped to Scotland and began to build his own replica of the grand dwelling.

After construction was started in the spring of 1782 it was found that there were not enough bricks to complete his grand project. Only the foundations of his Foundation could be laid and the foundations were completed on the 5th September 1782. Reginald consulted his Architect and it was decided that a large wooden shed would be constructed which would sit neatly on top of the brick foundations.

In 1881 the wooden structure had nearly rotted away, so the timber was treated with tar by Reginald Denke V.

By the turn of the Twentieth Century half the wood had rotted away. Reginald VI had his builder erect another smaller shed using the good wood that was left from the original structure. However, this would no longer sit on the walls, but would be placed on the ground inside the foundations. The foundation walls would protect the shed from side winds and driving rain.

Denke Foundation

The original foundations were exposed in 1928 after some nettles and some ivy were removed. This revealed a plaque that was attached to the wall in the late Nineteenth Century commemorating the date that the Foundation’s foundations were completed (5th September 1782).

Nothing Happened Plaque

The plaque was removed using a toothbrush, as this is what my dentist suggested.

We needed to restore the plaque to it’s original splendor, so contacted a professional cleaning man called Barry Scott. He tried quite a few products before he dropped on the right one for the job!

The foundations can still be seen at their original site near Edinburgh, along with the  ‘Nothing Happened” plaque. However, the site is very difficult to find and many people still write to us saying that they cannot find it and that there is nothing there.

Currently, The Twelfth Laird of Glen Haggis, Reginald Denke VIII runs the Foundation from a similar old shed which he keeps in his garden.

In 2002 the Foundation became an Academy. For the first time students from all over the place could now study nothing and be rewarded for their efforts however feebly they may have tried. The start of April that year saw the launch of ‘The Sickologist’, the official journal of the Foundation.

University Challenge Denke Foundation

The Staff of The Reginald Denke Foundation were invited onto Unifarcical Challenge. We took on some of the finest minds in the country….the results were obvious!

People began to take us a little more seriously after that!

At the core of the curriculum is the ‘Nihilosophy Degree’, the first of its kind in the world and becoming the fastest growing and most talked about subject available on the subject of nothing.

The Foundation upgraded to an Academy on 1st April 2002 during the New Labour Government and became ‘The Reginald Denke Foundation and Academy of Learning’.


Nihilosophy Lessons
Nothing is more exciting than our lessons and lectures, some of them last up to five hours with nothing to eat.