Nihilosophy Degree

The Degree in Nothing
The Original Degree in Nothing

Nihilosophy is the study and interpretation of Nothing. The Department of Nihilosophy at The Reginald Denke Foundation and Academy of Learning offers a unique and vibrant course for both undergraduate and postgraduate study. Students are encouraged to join the Nihilosophy society, nothing is actually studied or talked about at the Society and no actual meetings take place. Staff members have a very broad range of interests and expertise in nothing in particular. We do everything we can to provide nothing for all our students.

The Degree in Nihilosophy is a one-day reading course, or however long it takes for you to read our comprehensive forty-page book and sit the exam. The book, entitled ‘A Brief History of Nothing’  has a word-count in excess of 9500, and is designed specifically for students who have had no formal training in Nihilosophy. Once the book has been digested and there is nothing left to consume, the student may sit the online examination.

The Degree is not just for clever student types, it is also available to anyone who believes that nothing may assist them in their career or lifestyle. There are various reasons why you might want to do a Degree. Some of our students take the course because they want nothing to do, some are just curious to find out what it is like to study Nihilosophy. Others just want to enjoy learning about Nihilosophy, having not had the chance to do so before. The course can be studied part-time and is well suited to those who wish to study Nihilosophy for a couple of hours without leaving their home or employment in order to do so.

Broad aim

To enable graduates, undergraduates and the general public to reach an above average level of skill and knowledge in Nihilosophy.


The Degree has two main components:

1st Component: To read and fully digest the contents of the publication: “A Brief History of Nothing” in preparation for the second component,

2nd Component: To complete the online exam.


Entry Requirements

The entry requirements for this programme have been designed to encourage applications from as wide a range of interested and able people as possible, including mature students, who may have been away from university for a long time, international students and the general public. As an applicant for our Degree, you will usually have achieved a 2.1 or equivalent in a previous degree but this is certainly not a requirement and decisions are made purely on whether the applicant can afford the free price tag.

Fee: £00.00

For this fee you will receive:

  1. 40-page the online booklet with a word-count in excess of 9500 in PDF format entitled ‘A Brief History of Nothing’, written by Reg Denke,
  2. The Nihilosophy exam which will enable you to receive your Degree.
  3. Degree Certificate: A printable Degree Certificate showing your grade.

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NOTHING BUT PURE ENTERTAINMENT:  The Nihilosophy degree course has been created for entertainment purposes only.The certificate awarded should not be used for securing work with governmental or non-governmental organisations or companies. Students looking for a proper and less interesting degree or diploma should seek the advice of UCAS in the United Kingdom or a similar outfit for somewhere else in the world.

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